• Each Team should have a COVID 19 Liaison in charge of keeping updated on the community, City, or LGU recommendations, and any related changes.
• Coaches and staff of the facility should be fully vaccinated against Covid 19. • Swimmers and athletes are recommended to be vaccinated against Covid 19


• All Athletes/Coaches must submit themselves for thermal scanning, sanitation, and foot disinfecting mats.
• A Staff of the facility/Pool should have a questionnaire or health declaration form be given to the athletes when they come to practice if they feel sick in any way, specifically having any of the symptoms related to Covid 19, and should send home those who reported feeling any of the symptoms.
• Athletes should change clothes and shower at home.
• Guardians of the athletes or minors are not allowed to stay in the establishment. Once they drop off or pick up an individual, they are required to leave immediately.
• For a 25-meter swimming pool with 5 lanes, it is recommended to have a maximum of 10 swimmers at the same time following strict social distancing with a 2.5m distance from each other.
• Maximum training and usage of the pool should only be a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes.


(Non-Olympic pool design and specifications)

• 10% capacity per hour.
• Strictly by appointment, no walk-in.
• No group gathering in the pools at all times.
• Maintain at least a 2 meters distance between other pool users.
• Avoid engaging in pool game activities.


• Athletes must have a clearance from a Physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have Covid 19
• Athletes should stay at home if any member of their family living in the same house does not feel well.


• Wash hands with disinfectant soap and water for 30 seconds or longer, or use a hand sanitizer before going to the pool.
• Do not share equipment with other athletes
• Bring a personal full water bottle to avoid unnecessary touching other objects.
• Arrive as close as possible to the scheduled training time slot to avoid long exposure with other people in the facility.


• Follow directions from the coach for spacing and distance from other swimmers. 2.5m distance from each swimmer.
• Do not make physical contact with others.
• No sharing of food, drinks, towels, and other things.


• Wash hands thoroughly or uses hand sanitizer after leaving the pool
• Leave the facility as soon as possible after practice.
• Do not use the locker room, or changing area. Athletes should shower at home, wearing separate dry clothes going to and from practice.
• No social activities after practice

• Athletes should stay at home if any member of their family living in the same house does not feel well.